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 Oli Lou Kramer

Frosty sundays are for long walks in nature.

This week I had too little exercise. I sat at my desk too much, had too many appointments and I often took the car due to lack of time. So today, after having a coffee, I put on my barefoot hiking shoes and started walking. 🥾 I’m lucky enough to live amid the Black Forest, so I can enter the wood just a few steps away from my door.

Most times walking around in nature is the quickest way to ease stress for me. No matter where I am, I can find something interesting to look at or to capture with my camera. But today letting go and relaxing didn’t work out quite so well. I could not get rid of my inner tension and could still hear the soft rustling of the city as a reminder of busy everyday life. Nevertheless, I could enjoy the fresh, icy air and capture some moments with my camera. Bodily movement also helped me to shift attention to myself.

Black Forest, Nikon D600/50mm 1.8, processed with VSCO.

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